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AI Tools” is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot and also an ultimate content generation tool that can help users produce high quality content towards a desired tone, variants, creativity level & language quickly and efficiently.

Our AI Application is not only capable of generating a wide range of content types including blog posts, products description, landing page & website copy, LinkedIn profile copy, personal bio, job description, SEO meta title & details, video scripts and much more – it also includes an image maker & code writer sections that allow users to easily create image & writing code by using these modules.

AI Tools” includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, translation ready, PayPal, Stripe & Bank Transfer integration : It allows you to get paid from users using different payment methods.


  • Free 30 days web hosting (renewal at 4.99$/month)
  • Domain of your choice (check for domain availabilty)
  • The complete website with all files.
  • Support – Our support team is here to take care of everything related to managing and setting up your website. We’ll provide you with full access and support to ensure that your site runs smoothly and successfully.


AI Tools, the ultimate AI-powered content generation platform designed to help users to create better content with less effort. Our innovative tool offers a plethora of features that make content creation, social media marketing, video script writing, and much more a breeze for our subscribers. Here’s a closer look at what AI Tools has to offer:

Features and Capabilities

AI-Powered Content Creation

  • Content Generator: Produce high-quality content effortlessly with our AI content generator. Whether it’s blog posts, email writing, social media updates, or landing page copy, our tool ensures your content is engaging and well-crafted.
  • Content Improver: Enhance your existing content to make it more compelling and effective.
  • Video Script Writing: Create captivating video scripts with ease, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Landing Page Copy: Write persuasive and high-converting landing page copy to drive your business goals.
  • Blog and Email Writing: Generate blog posts and emails that resonate with your audience and keep them engaged.
  • Business Strategies: Develop innovative business strategies with our AI’s insights.
  • Social Media Posts: Write social media content 10x faster and engage your audience effectively. Our AI knows what converts and how to create content that resonates with your followers.
  • Facebook and Google Ad Copy: Craft compelling ad copy to boost your marketing efforts and increase conversions.

Image Generation

  • AI Image Generator: Create stunning AI-generated digital art from text. Generate unique images in seconds to perfectly complement your content.
  • Various Resolutions: Choose from various resolutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Royalty-Free Use: Enjoy royalty-free commercial use of the generated images without watermarks.

Ready-Made Templates

  • 38 Use Case Templates: Save time and effort with our extensive library of pre-built templates for various applications, including blog ideas, video scripts, SEO content, digital art, and more.
  • Easy Steps: Select a use case template, enter specific keywords, and let our AI do the rest. Create, edit, and update content seamlessly.

Benefits of Using AI Tools

  • Save Time and Money: Automate content creation to cut down on expenses while still achieving great results.
  • Intuitive Interface: Our user-friendly platform requires minimal learning, making it ideal for anyone looking to create content quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • Error-Free Content: Eliminate human errors and publish content 10x faster with our AI-powered tool.
  • Boost Sales: Improve your sales with better, more engaging copy generated by our AI.

Payment Options

The website offer various payment options to suit users needs:

  • Online Payments: Stripe Recurring Payment, PayPal Recurring Payment…
  • Offline Payments: Bank transfers and other methods
  • AuthorizeNet, Coinbase, Flutterwave, Instamojo, MtnMomo, NGenius, Paystack, Paytm, Razorpay, SslCommerz: Multiple payment gateway integrations for your convenience.

More :

  • Easy to use : No experience needed.
  • Free Site Transfer and Setup.
  • User friendly design that allows changes.
  • Administrator can export all user personal data like profile data, links, invoices and withdraws.
  • Administrator can delete a user completely with its related links, views, campaigns, invoices and withdraws.
  • Publishers have access to a powerful dashboard ( Statistics sorted by Month & Year,  Auto-generated line graphs, Can view, edit, and hide … )
  • Payment Gateway ( PayPal, Stripe, Wallet Money, Bank Transfer …) # it’s up to the administrator to choose the most convenable to him.
  • Multi settings and choices in the administration panel are allowed.
  • Website is fully SSL (https) secured.
  • Responsive design – looks great on laptops, tablets and phones.
  • 100% automated.
  • Full Social Media support – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin,  Instagram, YouTube
  • Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions, Digital payments, About us, Contact us  pages are pre-created.

How to Earn Money With This Website

Monetizing AI Tools is straightforward and highly rewarding. Here’s how the new owner can make money from the website:

1. Offer Premium Subscriptions

Generate revenue by offering premium subscription plans. Subscribers can upgrade to paid plans to access advanced features and functionalities not available in the free version. This can include higher limits on content creation, access to premium templates, advanced AI features, and more. Offering different tiers of subscriptions (Basic $9 /Monthly, Pro $19 /Monthly, and Enterprise $39 /Monthly) allows users to choose a plan that best fits their needs and budget.

2. Charge for Specific Services

The new owner can charge clients for specific services using the website dashboard. This functionality allows for flexible billing for tailored services such as content creation, video script writing, and SEO optimization. Additionally, the administrator has the ability to customize the plans and pricing as needed, providing a versatile and adaptive approach to monetizing the platform.

NB 1: To make the AI Tools features functional, you’ll need to use your personal API Keys (OpenAI, Stable Diffusion, and Google API). The PDF guide we provide includes steps on how to obtain these API Keys.


  • Flexible Domain Options – With this website, you have the freedom to choose the domain that suits your needs best. You can register a new domain with HostFly, transfer your domain from another registrar, or use an existing domain and simply update your nameservers.

Your new domain will be : www.YourDomain.Com

in stead of  : ai-service-demo.hostfly.net.

  • Enjoy 30 Days of Free Hosting (Renewal at $4.99/Month) – We’ll Host Your Site for Free! When you purchase this website, we’ll provide you immediately with login details for FTP and Cpanel.

N.B: This sale includes 30 days of free web hosting on our server (hostfly).You can also use your own web hosting if you have one and we can transfer the website to your hosting account free of charge. (Please contact us).

  • Free Site Transfer and Setup : Get Your Website Up and Running in as Little as 24 Hours – In most cases, we can have your website up and running within 24 hours of receiving payment. However, please allow for 2-3 working days in some cases, depending on our workload and whether it falls on a weekend.

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  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
Yes, absolutely! This website is dedicated to be a shortener urls website. It contain a very simple to use Administrator dashboard. This makes it very simple for managing the website even for a NEWBIE. Thanks to the website platform , and with a website already setuped, you can start immediatelly genereting revenue.
Web hosting fees 4.99$/month. AI API Key 1$/month.
Please feel free to contact us. We will try to do our best to assist you in anyway possible.


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